Sweet Prairie Haskap

Haskap, the Most Nutrient Dense Berry

All natural health juice rich in polyphenols, anthocyanins & bioflavonoids. A nutrient dense & bioactive plant extract. Antioxidants + immunity boosting + inflammation fighting benefits.


Immunity Support



Vitamin C

Polyphenol Rich

12oz Bottle
Contains 12 Servings



Plant Based

Delicious - Refreshing

Sustainable Energy


Drink Yourself Healthy


Happiness Guaranteed

We stand by our product 100% and we will do what it takes to ensure you enjoy and benefit from Sweet Prairie Haskap. We will refund your purchase no questions asked, replace your product without delay and/or apologize profusely if we have failed you in any way.

This is our happiness guaranteed policy.  No loopholes, no exceptions and no fine print.  Please contact us if you are not 100% satisfied.  

Meet Sweet Prairie Haskap!

Sweet Prairie Haskap berry juice extract is from our coop of orchards led by Marg and Bill Sullivan in Saskatchewan, Canada.  Together with the sales and marketing team in California lead by Courtney Wilson, Sweet Prairie Haskap is the arrowhead that leads the industry and is introducing North Americans to the benefits of our Canadian haskap berries.  We are dedicated to health, wellness and sustainability.  Learn more about us here. 


Sweet Prairie Haskap Juice is also a natural energy drink.  A unique combination of natural phytochemicals and protein will power you through your day, your workout and your life.

Just 2 Tbsp as a shot or added to any beverage will deliver noticeable and sustainable physical and mental energy = no crash.  

Haskap Berry

Ongoing research is showing Haskap to be one of the healthiest plants in the world.  Juice from the Haskap berry has the highest Anthocyanin content of any fruit.  The short summers and harsh winters of the Northern Canadian prairies is uniquely suited to Haskap cultivation. Learn more about Haskap here.

One Haskap Bottle Equals 12 Wellness Servings