About Us


Here’s a little bit about the Sweet Prairie Haskap Sales & Marketing Team.

My mother, Joy, underwent a kidney transplant shortly after I was born.  On average, transplanted kidneys last ten to twelve years.  My mom has had hers for 40. I believe that a combination of positive attitude, active living, spiritual connection and healthy eating enabled her to beat all odds and survive decades beyond the doctors’ prognosis.  My mom taught me that health is an inside job, supported by the 8 Dimensions of Health.

My husband, Mark, has been in the food industry his entire career.  He left a multinational food brand shortly after refusing to replace the natural ingredients in children’s food with low cost chemicals.  Shortly thereafter he met Marg Sullivan, an innovative farmer from Saskatchewan, who in collaboration with a local university and other likeminded farmers were working on bringing to market a little-known berry packed with nutritional benefits

Today we are sharing the benefits of Sweet Prairie Haskap with everyone who shares our interest in the happiness and freedom good health provides. We invite you to experience the benefits of our Haskap juice, and we hope you continue to discover opportunities with us to enjoy health in ways you never thought possible.

Thank you Mom, for showing over the past forty years that the 8 Dimensions of Health work.  Sweet Prairie Haskap is my way of spreading your message.

Courtney Wilson

Here’s a little bit about the Sweet Prairie Haskap Orchard team.

Meet the pioneers of Canadian haskap. Marg and Bill Sullivan first discovered the sweet purple berry when they approached the University of Saskatchewan looking for a hardy fruit tree that deer wouldn’t eat. That led them to becoming propagators, growers, producers, product developers and Canadian industry pioneers for the haskap berry (Lonicera caerulea). The Haskap berry (sometimes mistakenly called sweetberry honeysuckle, fly honeysuckle, blue-berried honeysuckle or honeyberry) has finally been perfected and made market ready with industry leading nutraceuticals, taste and quality by Marg and Bill.

Sweet Prairie Haskap Orchards is a coop of Canadian farmers led by Marg and Bill that grow the highly sought after haskap berries from the beautiful and harsh Canadian prairies. In the wild, you can find these delicious berries all over the Canadian prairies and for centuries they have been a well-kept secret by Canadians. Marg and Bill have worked over the past 10 years to grow and harvest at commercial scale our Canadian haskap berries in Saskatchewan which is widely considered to be the “Champagne” region of haskap. The short hot summers and long cold prairie winters along with the right soil conditions and optimal rainfall produce the most nutrient dense berry in North America. Sweet Prairie Haskap Orchards, lead by Marg and Bill in partnership with the Sweet Prairie Haskap sales & marketing division lead by Courtney Wilson, are introducing the world to the benefits of Canadian haskap.

Sullivan herself is a walking advertisement for her product. She radiates energy. “I’m 63 years old. Bill and I run a 50,000 square foot greenhouse, a purebred cattle operation and Sweet Prairie Haskap Orchards. I work 14-hour days and drink my haskap juice religiously. I can still feel tired sometimes, but without my juice, I’d be flat out.” Marg has also served on the board of directors for Haskap Canada and organized haskap research symposiums.

The Sullivans and Wilsons see the long-range potential of Canadian haskap from the beginning and believe it can be the next Canadian led powerhouse like hockey and Shopify. “We want to do more than grow fruit and sell it. As an industry, we will move forward faster, and we hope to be the arrowhead that leads the industry in Saskatchewan to new levels of possibility.” 

Sweet Prairie Haskap is giving the world another reason to visit the Canadian prairies and tour our beautiful haskap orchards and stunning big sky prairies.

Barb & Bill