Haskap Champagne

Ready for the most vibrant, stunning cocktail you’ve ever seen? Meet the haskap champagne cocktail! Its bright color and cozy

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St Germain & Haskap

Here’s your new go-to St Germain cocktail! Tart and perfectly balanced, it pairs the elderflower liqueur with vodka, haskap, and

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Rum Haskap

This rum and haskap juice cocktail is tart and sweet and perfectly balanced! This easy-to-drink cocktail takes just a few

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Haskap Mimosa

The haskap mimosa is tart and bubbly with a vibrant red color!  The combo of orange and haskap makes an

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Madras Haskap Cocktail

Madras Haskap

The Madras Haskap cocktail is tangy and refreshing.  The line-up includes vodka, haskap and orange juice.  It is a quick

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Vodka Haskap

This might be the easiest cocktail ever, starring vodka and haskap juice! Here’s how to make this tart drink awesome. 

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