The Juice

Sweet Prairie Haskap

The most powerful superfruit you've never heard of. Improve your mood. Jumpstart your mind. Beef up your immunity.

The Haskap berry, sometimes referred to as “the berry of long life” offers 3 times the antioxidants, and 4 times the anthocyanins of blueberries along with a much higher Vitamin C content, making it one the world’s best superfruits. The Haskap berry has been used to fight everything from colds, heart conditions, anxiety and depression to cancer prevention.

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12 Servings /BTL

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A good balance between tart and sweet, Haskap juice tastes like a blend of raspberry, blueberry and black current.

The Bottle & Juice

Sweet Prairie Haskap juice is available in 12 fl oz (355ml) glass bottles.  All our berries come from our Canadian fields and we press and bottle in a HACCP certified juicery that is Health Canada inspected & certified.


Haskap Berry Juice

Purified Water

Haskap Leaf Extract

Antioxidants / 8 fl oz

1,128 mg of Polyphenols

1,044 mg of Anthocyanins

13 mg Bioflavonoids

Vitamins (% DV)

Vitamin C 130% (Yes…it’s in there!!)

Vitamin D 6%

Vitamin A, E >1%


 9g per serving



Minerals (%DV)

Potassium 15%

Calcium 4%

Iron 6%

How to Enjoy

Substitute haskap for things like cranberry, pomegranate and blueberry juice to enjoy a new taste experience and strong health benefits.


""Have to give attest for the immunity properties! I was quite prone to cold sores - work long hours in a high stress job as an electrical engineer. Significantly less cold sores!"
Sweet Prairie Haskap
kyle k
Electrical Engineer
"Look forward to receiving my order....This is my take your haskap product. First, I love the tart sweet yummy taste. I mix it with my smoothies.....this super berry is in its purest natural form, packed with vitamins & antioxidants.....great immune system booster.....which everyone should be doing these days."
Sweet Prairie Haskap
Sweet Prairie Fan
""I have been taken Hascap juice for over a year now and would definitely recommend it to fellow heath conscious individuals. It’s a great supplement if you are looking for an improvement in overall health and energy levels. I am a shift worker and find a daily dose of Hascap juice gives me more energy throughout the day. I also believe it has boosted my immune system as my sick time at work has gone down. Night shifts can be a grind, but a dose at 3 am not only tastes great but helps get me through the night. I like to drink it without being diluted by water as I enjoy the full flavor of the Hascap berry. I will definitely continue to buy this product as it has become a staple in my supplement routine."
Sweet Prairie Haskap
mark D
Shift Work
"I am A nurse for over 40 years, discovered Hascap juice at a Sales Fair! Definitely an energy boost, worked nights most of my career. Also, absolutely great antioxidant properties and my immunity has soared!!! Got both my sons, who are extreme athletes, started on this product and they take it with their protein supplement. !"
Sweet Prairie Haskap